Enhancing human relationships.

Youmain is a platform created to enhance the human side of business. First of its kind, its structure combines a teleconferencing system with multiple specific features. It can adapt to every need, enriching all types of interactions both within the company and with customers. Youmain represents a new, direct way of communicating that is more effective and more efficient because it can save time and eliminate distance.

Simply human

  • Accessed through a link, there is nothing to download.
  • A space created to meet the needs of a company and its customers.
  • A tool that can include Customer Service, Contact Center, Marketing and Advertising activities, E-commerce.
  • Potentially infinite possibility of integration, as it is open to any tool.
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The platform

Intuitive, in all its parts.

The Digital Space.

Composed of two main elements.

Composed of two main elements.

Created to be close to people

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The platform is immediately accessed through a link. No application downloads necessary. Just a click.


Youmain puts a company in touch with its customers immediately, facilitating the troubleshooting process. This is because customers seeking support get right to the point by following simple steps that lead to dialogue with the most suitable consultant, able to meet their needs.


Youmain does not replace a company's communication tools, it completes them. Simply add a link to the platform on your website, newsletters, social networks or apps to create a direct channel that conveys user traffic to Youmain.


Youmain's virtual space will always be recognizable by customers as one of the company's tools. In fact, its interface can be entirely customized from the backoffice quickly and easily, both in its graphics and content. This maintains a look and feel in line with the company's coordinated image.


Youmain adapts to the device in use. It is designed with a layout that allows optimal viewing from computers, tablets and smartphones, ensuring users won't have to resize pages or scroll excessively.


Youmain is a modern tool that makes use of the latest technologies available. All the features available to companies can be managed completely independently from the control panel.

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fits your

Youmain was created to suit all the needs of any company. The platform was designed to allow the integration of any tool; this means that its intended use can be expanded to include infinite possibilities.